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F drop capFrom "company" to "itinerary," this is our list of the 500 most important words in business English and how to use them, with meanings, examples, and sentences.

Lesson 1

Top 100 Business Words

Learning these top 100 vocabulary words will instantly improve your business English.

Lesson 1

Inside the Office

Welcome to the office, filled with a unique set of vocabulary that describes the technologies, writing tools and places we see every day.

Lesson 1

Money Vocabulary

Business without money is like food without taste or friendship without conversation. We think about it, and we talk about it.

  • - what you use to buy things
    You need to spend money to make money.
  • 236.poor - have little money
    He's really poor right now.
  • 237.price - how much you need to buy
    The price of a new TV is the same as an old car.
    238.cost - price as a verb
    How much did your ticket cost?
    239.cost someone money
    My ticket cost $800.
Lesson 1

Jobs List

Businesspeople today work with with colleagues across departments, companies, industries and countries. This list of jobs is essential knowledge for the modern collaborator, no matter the specialty.

Lesson 1

Time and Appointments

Time is money. If you've got a minute, let's talk about time in business.

Course Introduction

Imagine yourself in New York or London, in business meetings or at an intensive English school. Imagine meeting an important CEO and shaking his hand. If he asks you a question, will you be able to answer? Do you understand the English language well enough? If you know the vocabulary, do you know it well enough to respond immediately, without thinking?

In English-speaking countries like the UK, ESL speakers are common. No one cares if you’re a native speaker, as long as you have confidence. This free online course will take you from basic Business English to intermediate. The goal is to give you the confidence to speak English in an meeting without worrying about what to say or how to say it. So when you meet that CEO, you can impress him with your English ability.

How to Learn Business English Vocabulary

Language study is never easy, and learning online is even harder. In school, the teacher trains you, gives you homework, and tells you what to learn and how to learn it. They don’t tell you how to study by yourself. Luckily, you can learn vocabulary easily, if you follow a few steps.


Step one: read these lessons and find words you don’t know well, then write them down on flashcards (or in a notebook).

Step two: learn the words

Step three: review the words

These steps are perfect for both relaxed and intensive training. If you have more time, you can study more. If you have less time, even an hour a week is enough to improve.

Being able to remember words quickly is the difference between beginner English and intermediate English. When you know the vocabulary very well, you’ll suddenly notice yourself using the words as you speak. The next time you are using ESL in the UK or the US, you’ll be able to use the words like a native speaker. Immediately.

And now, the first lesson...

Top 100 Most Important Business Vocabulary Words

Learning these top 100 words will instantly improve your business English.

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Questions and Answers About This Lesson

What kind of English do I need to get a job?

You don't have to study any special kind of English to get a job, but you do need confidence.

All you need to get confidence in English is to use it constantly! Think in English, practice as you walk down the street, and make a friend that doesn't speak your native language. Then, to show your confidence, use English for a couple of sentences during job interviews, learn English words that might be used at the business, and put "English speaker" big on your resume.